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As the year passes and the festive spirit fills the air, Aalto is delighted to welcome seasons of joy, warmth, and unparalleled culinary experiences. Today we are delighted to unveil our Festival of Seasons brochure, which is an example of our commitment to making your holiday celebration truly special.

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Celebrate with Aalto

A highlight of our festive offering is our bespoke professional gathering sessions. Understanding the importance of winning, milestones, and just being together, Aalto ensures that your staff meetings are moments of pure joy. The sprawling Aalto over two spacious floors makes it the ideal venue for parties or gatherings.

But for those occasions that call for a touch of greater privacy and a hint of exclusivity, our private dining room stands ready. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s an elegantly decorated gem where cherished memories are made, where groups come together over delicious food, and where every diner feels special.


Holiday Celebrations: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

No festive celebration is complete without a grand feast or a heart-warming drink, and at Aalto, we believe in celebrating with both! As we gear up for December, our bar is excited to introduce a special seasonal beverage menu. Starting on December 1st, guests can relish the warmth of our rich mulled wine, the comforting embrace of thick hot chocolate, and the festive cheer of classic eggnog.

Celebrate the festive season with our exceptional dining experiences, featuring à la carte menus for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch and a specially designed set menu for New Year’s Eve. As the New Year dawns, enjoy our à la carte offerings for New Year’s Day lunch. Each of these meals, along with our selection of beverages, is crafted to offer a remarkable culinary journey. Relish in the season’s premium flavours, all enhanced by our unique signature touch, making every dish and drink a memorable part of your holiday celebrations.

Planning your festival event in Aalto is now easier than ever; contact us at [email protected].

An Exclusive Stay at Deep Blu

Speaking of Deep Blu Boutique Hotel, this festive season comes with the added allure of our special room & dinner packages. Imagine wrapping up a delightful dinner at Aalto and then retreating to the luxurious comfort of Deep Blu. For those interested in this exquisite experience, inquiries for dinner & stay can be directed to [email protected].


Additionally, as the season of giving approaches, consider gifting an experience. Our gift packages ensure your loved ones enjoy the best of Aalto and Deep Blu, making it a present they’ll treasure.
You will be able to purchase your festive season gift by sending us an email.